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Testimonials of people who have been treated by Acupuncture Physician Ryan Bishop Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. when he worked on the Cruise Ship Pacific Pearl 2013

Dear Ryan,  

    Thank you for your professional & gentle treatment for my back pain.  When I came to you I was suffering great discomfort from pulled muscles in the upper back as a result of injuries I had from a fall.  I was very uncomfortable sitting and had very disturbed sleep because of pain.  After the treatment I am pain free and have slept soundly for the last 3 nights. I feel well and am much more comfortable and confident. I highly recommend acupuncture and for people to seek help from acupuncture for the relief of pain & as a means of regaining health and mobility.  P.S. I am 84 years young.  Margaret Lloyd

    Wonderful Treatment that cured my headache and painful feet. Very informative and helpful. An asset to the team.  Leanne Sylvester

    Polite, neat, clean, very knowledgable, well mannered loyal to the Pearl. A pleasure to have met him and a gentleman.  Shirley Johnson

    Thank you for saving our holiday by working your magic on my very ill wife.

Your professionalism care and helpful advice was most welcome.  Robert & Christine Dickey

    Very knowledgable, friendly, caring, and reassuring. Listens well and responds to all concerns and questions. Very professional.  Jennifer Kaye Loechel

    I had acupuncture before and decided to do it again.  Ryan is amazing, I learned more about what acupuncture is and can treat, especially bloating I can see how it could compliment my on going osteopathy “tune ups” to maintain ongoing acupuncture treatments as part of similar routine.  Also thanks for changing my partner’s views on what acupuncture can do and advantages of additional herbs to our regime.  Krystie Camisa

    Putting 10 years back on my life.  Always in dept to such a wonderful person. What an amazing attitude!  Gavin Williams

    After listening to Ryan’s speech we decided to try some sessions and where amazed by the improvements.  The information he passed on was also very appreciated.  A very Caring Man!  Chris & Michele Dingle

    I came on board with a heavy cold and cough. Went to Ryan for treatment for my neck and back pain. He also treated me for my cold and seasickness. Because of his extra work, I feel good and am having a better time now on what has been a wonderful cruise. Thank you Ryan. Gwenda Alice Margaret Seath 

    I am a guest entertainer and my back seized up after a fall. I could not work- only a shuffle but still had commitments to perform. After only one session with Dr. Ryan, I left feeling a bit better, since I was not completely right, I followed up with another 2 treatments and now feel wonderful.  I am very, very grateful to him and think the company is very lucky to have his services.  Mardi O’Donnell

    I had a terrible migraine for 2 days and with Ryan’s acupuncture treatment I am cured, and this made my trip wonderful. He is very professional with a great bedside manner, I’d recommend him to everyone- and I did.  Claudette Forwood

    My Partner sent me to Ryan & I was not a believer in acupuncture.  I told Ryan I thought it was crap, but he explained to me the benefits and what he was going to do. I did three sessions and with his help got relief from my ailments and now I know its not crap.  Ryan is a honest, friendly person.  John Ashworth

    Providing excellent care.  My husband and I where very impressed. Acupuncture is awesome. Lily and Sean

    Had such a great experience at the spa, he was fantastic. Thanks very much!  Amanda & Caryn Plane

    Thanks for sticking needles in my head and stabbing me with your Love… uhh Awkward. Didn’t have a headache for the rest of the trip.  Thanks Mate.  Chris Brown